Consultancy Services

Crime can affect anyone at any time.  The impact of crime upon a business can be staggering and can effect business performance, productivity and staff morale.  That is without considering the cost implications generated through loss of time, possible loss of trade, clean up and repair costs and the increase in insurance premiums and excesses.

There is some help and advice available to businesses in terms of suitable security measures, but little in the way of what to do when the worst does occur, and it is this which is crucial in helping the police to pro-actively tackle crime.

We will provide your organisation with specialist forensic training, advice and critical analysis of individual issues, which will help make you less vulnerable and susceptible to crime and thus deliver productive, cost effective and long term efficient solutions for your organisation.

We will also provide you with the right tools, so that if the worst case scenario does occur, you can manage the situation in an effective manner and thus help you to help the police, increasing the opportunity of capturing an offender and reducing the likelihood of you becoming a repeat victim of crime.

Our consultancy services utilise our experience, knowledge and training, in order to help significantly reduce the cost and effect of crime upon organisations.  They include;

  • Crime Prevention Advice
  • Approaching a Crime Scene
  • Basic Forensic Awareness Training
  • Evidence preservation
  • Maximising Forensic Potential (setting the forensic trap)
  • Freelance Investigation

For further information on any of our services including prices and individual requirements, please contact us.