Here at CSI Training and Events we offer fun, unique and engaging informal STEM Education, which enriches school experiences, whilst boosting students enthusiasm and confidence ‘to do Science’.

Through the exciting and murky world of Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation we have students gripped from the outset.  With captivating ‘hands on’ practical sessions we use Scientific Enquiry to encourage students to develop personal learning and thinking skills, whilst considering how Science works in the real world.  All of this is underpinned with practical skills and practitioner learning, which creates a memorable experience, drives motivation and promotes achievement.

  • Our background means that we deliver experiential learning which relates STEM subjects to real life through Crime and Justice
  • The practitioner learning we deliver enhances student experiences, whilst increasing interest in STEM and promoting attainment
  • Although our workshops are STEM focused, we do deliver cross curricula learning
  • The equipment and techniques we use, are those utilised in the field by CSI’s
  • Integrated into all of our programmes of work are important key employability skills
  • Everything we do is inclusive and can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities
  • We have experience delivering at all levels including, Primary, Secondary, FE, HE and in Pupil Referral Units
  • We will come to you and supply everything needed for your event

“Our recent workshop delivered by CSI Training and Events Ltd was a tremendous success. Angela and Dionne’s enthusiasm and expertise in the area of crime scene investigation really rubbed off on the children, who were fully engaged and raring to take part. During the workshops the children developed their practical skills in gathering evidence and data interpretation in a fun way, which had them asking for more. A brilliant afternoon” Dr J.

“I was impressed with how you developed the students interest and kept them interested/engaged with practical examples from your career and activities which were of relevance” – Pupil Referral Unit Teacher

“The sessions worked well, the presenters adapted well to changing dynamics of the groups and related well with students” – Pupil Referral Unit Teacher