CSI Training and Events work with Colleges and Sixth Forms  in a number of ways including;
  • To give an understanding of the application of Science in Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation
  • To give a general insight into the ‘real world’ of Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation, giving a more realistic view of the subject
  • To motivate, enthuse and spark the interest of students with subject matter
  • To deliver practical and theoretical based learning which is related back to ‘real life’ experience and situations
  • To provide careers advice and guest speaking
  • To provide a team building event to new college students in order to get them interacting with each other and bonding as a group, in an informal, fun yet educational way
  • To provide taster courses to entice perspective students


We have worked with a number of colleges including those who already have well established Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation Courses, and those who run investigation modules as part of applied science courses.

Although what we deliver is based around Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation, we are very flexible and have also worked with other college departments, including social sciences, law, psychology and criminology.

We are approachable, flexible and will tailor what we deliver to meet your educational establishment’s objectives, whilst ensuring what we do remains interactive, engaging and fun.

In addition, integrated into all of our programmes of work are key employability skills, helping students to become ready for the working environment.  Skills including;

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Presentation Skills
  • Team Work
  • Logical thinking
  • Reasoning and analysis and interpretation of information

Are put to the test and developed throughout all of our activities.

We can also help to deliver and provide resources towards the applied science forensic BTEC, including student booklets, to be completed throughout their course.  This booklet is designed to showcase the students work and hence act as a portfolio which can be submitted as evidence.