Themed Events

CSI-Themed Events

If you have an interest in Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation and are looking for a fun, unique experience, then CSI Training and Events is the company for you! Whether you are a business looking for something more relaxed than a structured team event, a group looking for something different and fun packed, or an entertainment establishment who want to offer something new to their customers, then we have what you are looking for.

You and your guests will transform into CSI’s for the duration of the event, carrying out techniques used by real CSI’s in the field; you will solve your own crime through forensic evidence, and events are suitable for both adults and children alike.

Our sessions can be delivered in any setting whether that is over a meal and a few drinks, or as a standalone event, either way the suspense around them creates a real buzz and excitement before, during and after, and can be a great way to meet new people.

Everything we deliver is related to ‘real life’ crime cases, allowing us to put our events into context and thus driving engagement and boosting enthusiasm.  Our practical hands-on sessions, sees participants getting dressed up as investigators and using actual equipment and techniques used in the field by CSI’s, this adds the authenticity and excitement of the event.  Participants have so much fun they won’t want to leave!

We will come to you and supply everything needed for the event.  We are a North East based company, however we do travel nationally to deliver our services, any necessary and accommodation costs, are in addition to our set package prices.